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LasPL (IPL system)

LasPL (IPL system with Multi Microsecond Pulse(MMP) Toning

​It is talented system for various lesions like pigmentation, Vascular, Hair Removal.  Particularily, it is specialized in dividing one pulse to 10 small pulses.  It has reduced the probability of PIH and enhanced the optimized effect of treatment

No worry about PIH !


Feathures of LasPL
- Multiple treatments for pigment/melasma/freckle treatments and hair removal treatment
- Acne treatment (Optional)
- Multiple Miliesecond Pulsed (MMP) Toning treatment.
- Light pigmentation Improvement
- Replaceable Filters : 420 nm : Acne (Option), 560nm : Pigmentation,
  590 nm : Vascular,  620 nm : Melasma, Toning, Fixed Filters : 690 : Hair Removal
- User-friendly graphic user interface
- Low weight handpiece with water cooling system 

What is MMP toning?     

MMP stands for ‘Multiple Miliesecond Pulsed Toning ’. It means 1 pulse divided to 10 small pulses.  Single mili-second pulse consists of 10 small microsecond pulses (Optimal pulse duration)    

It delivers same energy in relatively short time with high peak power; less epidermal damage and pain. Safe and Optimized effect ! 

Especially, pigmentary problems of dark-skin people (like skin level 5) would get dramatic treatment results. 


Why micro seconds pulse



Key Features

Laser Category

IPL (Intensive Pulse Light)




Melasma, Freckles, Blemishes, Whitening, Skin Tone, Hair Removal


  •  Large spot size: 12mmX39mm

  •  Two types of handpiece

    •  Conventional handpiece.

    •  Socket type handpiece(Optional)

  •  Excellent Treatment for Light Pigmentation & Hair Removal

  •  Expert Various Filters: 430nm, 560nm, 590nm, 610nm, 690nm

  •  IPL Toning Features.

  •  Powerful Cooling System.



Laser Source

  •  Xenon Flash Lamp

Energy Density

  •  Up to 40 J/㎠

Electrical Requirement

  •  220V, 60 Hz




70 Kg


  •  Main body

  •  Slide type conventional handpiece.

  •  Socket type handpiece(Optional)

  •  Key set

  •  Filter set: 430nm(Optional), 560nm, 590nm, 610nm, 690nm

  •  Interlock

  •  Power cable

  •  Funnel

  •  Goggles (1 set)

  •  Manual CD





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